Marie-Josée Houle
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We met MJ the day we filmed Wendy McNeill, two friends, musicians, accordionists from Edmonton, Canada. Both were invited to play a gig or two in the course of the Accordion Festival in Vienna. While Wendy made her way back home the next day, MJ stayed for a bit more than a week, working with Vienna based chellist Rina Kacinari and double bass player Tino Mixan.

After Marie-Josée’s second gig, we made arrangements to meet the three and their big and heavy instruments for a shoot in one of Vienna’s finest English bookstores. It was a grey and rainy day outside while we made ourselves comfortable at Shakespeare & Company with little space for an accordion, double bass, a cello and their artists and two more people with camera and microphones. The quiet atmosphere of words and books, the wooden floor creaking under our feet and some delicious tea we got served were the seen and unseen agreeable circumstances of this shoot.

"Houle's rekindled accordion relationship has resulted in wonderful levels of sultry mood frolic over two primo albums that not only feature her instrumental dexterity, but also a splendidly saucy vocal styling in three languages: English, French and Romance. " says the press and we can only affiliate.



SHOT 03/09

Shakespeare & Company

/Inner City